Mod Wood Co🌵

   I’m so excited about Judah’s new sign from Mod Wood Co    . I can’t get over how amazingly sweet this sign is! She does custom orders, so this sign was tailored to exactly what I wanted for little mans nursery. I love everything from the font of his name to the cactus’s! It makes his room put togther so much more! I am obsessed.

  This is a good time to go into more detail about Judah’s name & why we chose it! So my husband is named Taylor, after his moms maiden name. I love their family and have so much respect for his grandparents. They are like the notebook but real life. They are the sweetest. So we of course we wanted to carry on Taylor in some way so we put it as his middle name. Now Judah comes from my husband as well. When I was pregnant & we didn’t know the sex yet. We were both guessing what we were having I thought it was a girl and he thought it was a boy. So Taylor said okay I get to pick the guys name if I’m right and you get to pick the girls if your right. Sure enough he was right so Judah is named after one of his favorite bands Judah and the lion. Which I really liked the name and it what it meant biblically. So there ya have it I now have a baby and pup named after Taylors favorite bands. I just love walking into Judah’s nursery and seeing this sweet reminder of my little cuties name. 

Make sure to check out this girl boss! She is so talented!

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 Mod Wood Co 🌵