Girl Boss & Mama

 I have my own online business Hippie Kids where I sell & design women’s clothing. I also am a mama to a sweet little boy named Judah. Who is currently six months old. Two of my greatest passions in this world. Raising my cutie & running a girl boss business. 

   While pregnant I was also planning my wedding and preparing for a baby and moving into a new home. While juggling an online business. So my personal life took obligation and I neglected my business a little bit during this season. Which was a nice break and rest from the craziness. 

  I am now getting the hang of things being mama and business owner. So I am currently working on revamping my business. It isn’t easy raising a baby and trying to run your own business. My work days- well most days look like me sitting in front of my computer updating our site or sending out mailchimps to our subscribers while my tits in my sons mouth😂. (Honest truth) and other days it’s I packaged a few things while he was napping then the dog barks and wakes him up. And my work day just became the shorter than my dress on the first day of senior year (which I got ISS while wearing). 

   So the biggest thing I have learned there needs to be some sort of organization to the chaos (which I desperately lack but working on!). But when my baby needs me I stop what I’m doing and meet his needs. So if you feel like you haven’t accomplished much just take a moment think wow you are raising an amazing little one & your a mom boss! Everyday as a mama boss looks different, you never know where the day will take you. Just stay positive💙

  This week Judah and I went to America’s Mart where we buy wholesale clothing for Hippie Kids . They had him get a baby pass and it was the cutest thing ever! My mom who has been amazing and a key role in helping me be able to work on my business came with & helped with Judah. She’s amazing! He did pretty good but I think expired not too long after he saw mama drinking coffee and he couldn’t have any. 


It was fun taking him to the mart! I love being able to step back into the fashion world and have my little one be apart of this world so young.