Blooming Bath 🌻

  Today we had bath time which is my favorite time. Today we had bath time with our sunflower from blooming bath oh and Mumford our pup who stopped in for a few visits. He loves Judah he always checks in on him during bath time, mostly to get a drink.πŸ˜‚

    I love the flexibility of this bath and how comfortable it is for my little man! It’s easy to store & travel with, great for our upcoming adventures! And with the memory foam material that soaks in the water. Making me feel safe about Judah being in there & I think it helps him feel warm since the water kind of  stays right under him. He just kind of hangs out in it and chills. No complaints on his end! I think he loves bath time, especially with his blooming bath. 🌻 I have a thing for sunflowers so this bath is just sooo stinking cute and makes for some sweet and fun memories! 


My sweet little Judah in his Blooming Bath


His little toes make bath time so sweet! Β 


& that belly lol Judah belly lol


And here’s Mumford always stopping in for a drink too and to say hey to Judah lol