Being a pregnant & a business owner.....


  I am Co-Owner of Hippie Kids, along side of my little sister Kissie. Hippie Kids is a small business and only run by us currently. Before I knew I was pregnant, I was working a part time job just to keep things going at Hippie Kids. I found that the hours I was putting into this other job were just taking away from my business. Yes I was making money to put into Hippie Kids, but in the end I was neglecting my business. Then I found out I was three months pregnant, so I only worked up until 6 months pregnant at this second job. I didn't quit just because I was pregnant but because I thought it was a smart business move & I would have more energy in my tank for Hippie Kids, while being able to focus on my pregnancy as well. 

  I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and solely working on Hippie Kids.  I am so blessed to be able to work on Hippie Kids, and that my Husband fully supports me in that. Sales have been going up since I have been able to focus on Hippie Kids. Now I am pregnant, doesn't affect me as much. But when it comes to shooting I am not able to stay in a position for long to get the right shot of a model. I have baby brain like crazy! I am convinced this is a real thing! Lol some days I'm working on something then get a little side tracked and I totally forget where I was. I am also trying to get ready for our little man coming into this world. Which Im having so much fun doing so some days I just want to do that...but I also have a business to run. So I have been working on a little time management. 

  We also do pop up shops! Which I love! They sometimes go all day... Set up at 8 and take down at 10 pm.... I get extremely hungry when I am hungry, lol it hits me like a train haha... So that is something I have had to adjust to and I learned my lesson pack lots and lots of snacks haha! The doctors recommend not lifting anything over 20LBS and a lot of my set up is more then that.. So It is hard but I have had to learn to reframe from just doing it all myself and asking for help. It sucks when you know you can lift something and your told not to. So these are just the little things that have been different. I know once Judah gets here it will be a whole lot different hehe! But Im excited for this adventure<3