Acid Reflux While Pregnant


    I am 29 weeks, and I am in my third trimester. I hadn't had any acid reflux, until this trimester. It may be all the thanksgiving food and the left overs... but probably all the homemade cookies lol. It has been really bad at night, to the point that it's been affecting my sleep. I already can't sleep because of little man inside me is practicing his soccer skills. I did read sleeping on your right side enhances acid reflux, so sleeping on your left side will bring some relief. Which it did, but it was still a problem.

     I am trying to have an all natural pregnancy as best as I can. So I was looking for something to help, but I was looking for natural remedies. I came across Matys, an all natural brand with a lot of great reviews. They have this one product "Acid Indigestion Relief" which is made up of natural ingredients. It has apple cider vinegar in it. Which may sound odd to how it could help, but I read and interesting enough acid reflux is actually not from too much acid, its from too little! So I gave this product a try and it works, it is a life saver! I am excited to try out the others! Stay tuned for more on Maty's for the meantime check out

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