My first postpartom period🤪

Good times!  


 (cheetah one piece from shop hippie )

  Okay ladies! The thing we loved about being preggos! No period & no birth control lol! It was so nice being period less! So when did I get mine? 6 months after birth! 

    Judah is one now! So I have had about four periods since! I did skip one it felt like but then I realized my cycle is long and then next one I swear takes like 30 days until the next. I realized it was because sometimes I’m nursing him more than others it just depends on what his needs are. If he’s sick or what not.  Typically when he’s sick all he wants is milk. 

    I’m not currently on any kind of birth control just the old school. Ive has one scare! But it was okay they just aren’t regular yet. Idk if they ever will be haha! But I swear they aren’t as painful. I’m not sure if some nerves got damage down there during birth. Or that I experienced such intense cramps while giving birth nothing compares and I’m tougher now. I’m not sure but I’m thankful it’s not as bad!  

   So ladies don’t be alarm they aren’t normal and who’s to say when you will have periods again! But man do I wish periods didn’t exist haha. But I know they have a purpose:p

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