What it’s like being the first mom of your friend group to have a baby🍼 👶

   I love my friends! I got pregnant a little after I turned 22 and had him at 23 then 15 days later I was already 24 married and had a baby. Which was always my dream. To have a baby young and to be young and in love, because that is the best kind of love. The one you still get butterflies with 🦋 So I did just that I married an amazing man and we created the most beautiful baby. I am so content where I am in my life & so thankful.  

  Don’t get me wrong somedays are hard, and it’s not all easy! Some days I feel like I don’t accomplish much, except dirty diapers, feeding and cleaning. I know I am raising a little human and it is a 24/7 job. But somedays I have pity parties and yes I’m only human! My friends are in a different place in life, they are just now graduating college and stepping into there careers. Some have found love but only a few have settled down and are engaged. Which is totally fine, everyone should go at there own speed and do what’s right for them in there season. 

   So I was first to marry and have a baby out of my friends. I kind of knocked those out quick because I did them at the same time lol. I was six months pregnant walking down the isle pregnant lol.  

   I don’t see them like I used to because, our agendas aren’t the same. They are going out drinking and dating guys. Well when I was pregnant I couldn’t drink ovibsouly and I already found my man hehe. I would attend some events and parties. But it was hard driving all the way down there to something I just wasn’t interested in. Lol and I was a hangry pregnant woman!  Now I have a six month old and I still barely see my friends. Since having him they have came over to my house a few times... lol I live kind of in the country. Lol I know it takes two and I don’t reach out a whole lot but I barley have down time unless he’s sleeping. So I am very bad at texting. Since they don’t have a kid they don’t know that, and I am bad and just assume they know. 

  I have driven to see them for an engagement party, Fourth of July and some dinners here and there! But 25% of the time we hop in the car there’s a chance he’s just gonna sleep the whole time the other 75% he’s crying and I tell myself I’m never driving again lol! So I can’t assume my friends know that this is a real mom struggle. 😂 I try to be apart of anything they invite me to, I typically say yes! But the invites are very few since getting pregnant and having him. I understand they are assuming as well. That I’m busy or probably can’t make it. But the thought is what counts. And I need to do a better job of inviting them over. (That means I probably need to clean my house😂).

   When it comes to my friends things aren’t the same because we’re in different places. So they don’t know what it’s like being a mom and all that goes into it. Only an idea not a reality. I really can’t wait till one of my friends gets knocked up so I have someone to hang with😂sounds so bad! But am I the only one?! I love my friends but I miss them! I’m excited when we will be able to share motherhood togther though!


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