10 must haves when bringing baby to the beach! 🌊


   This past week we stayed in Seacrest, Florida. We were there while my husband was working down there. While daddy was working mommy and baby were hitting the beach. Here are a few helpful items when bringing your baby to the beach! 

1. A float great for the pool or beach! This flamingo float was purchased on amazon! 


2. HAT- make sure your little guy isn’t getting too much 🌞  

3. SWIM DIAPERS 💧There’s the disposable ones but I just went with I-plays reusable diaper from Target. (I had a few on hand for any accidents)


4. COCONUT OIL 🥥    



Yes I said coconut oil! 

“Coconut oil has an amazing ability to heal the skin and block the damaging effects of UV radiation from the sun. One of the reasons why it is so effective in protecting the skin is its antioxidant properties, which helps prevent burning and oxidative damage that promotes skin cancer. “ 

the pedeactrics of America suggest baby’s under 6 months not use sunscreen.  

You really need to be careful which sunscreen brands you use, be mindful of the chemicals. Essentially they are baked into your baby’s skin & system. We have only used coconut oil on our suns skin. He has not been sunburnt yet and is always in the sun and I’m always applying coconut oil. The key is application and make sure it is often. It last about 45 minutes. I always have a hat on him if we’re at the beach or pool. Pool shirts are great too! I limit his time in the sun as well!  


5. Umbrella! 

It’s a must! This was spf 50! And only $12!  


6. Dock- a-tot    Great for baby’s napping time!  

6. Dock- a-tot  

Great for baby’s napping time!  


7. FAN

We use a rechargeable desk fan we got for $15 offline on amazon.  



8. Shades! There cool 😎 and block the haters and brightness out lol! 



9. HAT 🐒 


10. Boppy! Great for propping up your baby if there starting to sit up!  

10. Boppy! Great for propping up your baby if there starting to sit up!  



   Hope this blog helped! Don’t be afraid to take your little one to the beach! I was scared I wouldn’t be prepared enough! But these were a few key items that helped kept Bebe happy! Also some other items I found were helpful was baby powder- for helping get the sand off. Also a rechargeable battery pack where If your phone dies you just plug your phone up to it. 

Mamas! Have fun taking your little ones to the beach for the first time! It’s a special time!  


Stay groovy! 



A picture of us at the beach💙