Camping with a baby ⛺️

   I was a little nervous about camping with a baby. Especially one who was only 4 months old. It was Memorial Day weekend and we really wanted to spend our weekend camping in nature. It was a perfect weekend for it too! So we went for it and it went perfect and I think Judah loved it! He’s one happy camper!


some tips that made camping easy with a baby was having the dockatot for the tent. So I knew my baby was comfortable and safe while sleeping with us. 


I used peppermint oil and put it around the campsite and on his stroller to help keep mosquitoes away:)


we got a portable/ rechargeable fan that we had on him constantly and then a big fan for inside the tent. 


his bopi so he could hang out with us inside the tent. which he loved! Judah slept great! He took cat naps in the evening and slept through the night. 



we can’t wait to camp again! 

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