My breast feeding experience 🤱🏼

   Judah is now 10 weeks old! I can’t belive it! I have two months of breastfeeding under my belt so far. I have learned so much and know there is more ahead. I wouldn’t trade any of the struggle for all of the sweet moments with my little man. 


Within the first few weeks both me and the baby got thrush... so that called for being very on top of cleaning and boiling all pacifiers & pumping equipment. Switching your breast pads after every feeding and cleaning your boobs every time. Using coconut oil and my nipple balm from bamboobies has helped as well. It’s hard to get rid of it, but there are ways to naturally take care of it! Which I covered in a blog. 

    I didn’t even know about thrush until I got it🙈Good times but you live and you learn! Same with Mastitis.... didn’t have a clue. It feels like you have the flu your whole body aches and you have a temperature. But how you know you have it is the tenderness in your boob and redness. I have had it four times already!!!! It’s crazy ugh mommas who have experienced it know what I’m talking about!  

    BUT I have the flax seed warm/cold soothing therapy pillows. Which seriously are amazing! It has a scent of lavender to calm me down & the heat I think really helped get the milk flowing to help with all my clog duct problems- leading to mastitis. They are a LIFE SAVOR! A must have for breast feeding mommas!