Judah is 3 months old🌿


   My little chunky monkey is 3 months old. Time is flying by for us. I am trying to take in and make every moment last. I know it goes by quickly. He is my everything, he has made me so incredibly happy and taught me a love I have never known. Being a mother to this little guy has been such an incredible blessing. I am so thankful for this journey of love. 

    What’s my little 3 month bebe up to? Well he started being super smiley & trying to talk. He does great holding his head up, at times it’s a little wabbaly. Whenever he is sitting down it’s like he’s trying to get up lol. He wants to be walking and talking lol. For tummy time he starts to try and crawl but gets frustrated and it doesn’t last long. 

  He’s sleeping through the night and taking naps almost at the same time each day. He’s going to sleep about 9-9:30 each night and wakes up around 5:30 to eat then goes right back to sleep. So I’m starting to get more sleep thank the lord ❤️ 

I am so in love and can’t believe three precious months have already gone by! Can’t believe  how much this guy has taught me and he can’t even talk! 

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