B I R T H 🌻 S T O R Y

J U D A H • T A Y L O R • D A U G H T R Y 


    Our little guy is finally here! Judah Is our first child, so this was our first birth experience:p His original due date was February 14th ❤️. But he came two weeks early and was born on February 1st. I was 38 weeks pregnant.




    So Wednesday January 31st (day of the full moon, super moon, blue moon & eclipse) I had my regular check up at 1:45pm. That week or two before I started swelling in my feet pretty bad. Then the next week it was my hands, which got to be pretty bad I ended up taking my wedding ring off. Then my face was so swollen, I was like this can’t be normal. So I told them my concern and they were like this looks like preeclampsia. 

 “Pre-eclampsia usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in a woman whose blood pressure had been normal. It can lead to serious, even fatal, complications for both mother and baby.

There may be no symptoms. High blood pressure and protein in the urine are key features. There may also be swelling in the legs and water retention, but this can be hard to distinguish from normal pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia can often be managed with oral or IV medications until the baby is sufficiently mature to be delivered. This often requires weighing the risks of early delivery versus the risks of continued pre-eclampsia symptoms.  

People may experience:

Whole body: high blood pressure or fatigue

Also common: blurred vision, headache, nausea, swelling in extremities, or weight gain” -web md

so they checked my blood pressure and it was really high, there was no protein in my urine. But I was retaining water like crazy... so the midwife at my appointment said let’s get you down to the hospital and take some blood work. So we headed to the hospital for what I thought would be an hour just to check my blood work... I was so swollen that they could not find a vain to draw blood so it took an hour to find one and several nurses. They finally got a vain, drew my blood, and had me wait with a blood pressure machine hooked up to me. It would take my blood pressure every 15 minutes for an hour. My blood pressure just kept going up. It was at 154 at one time... 

   With preeclampsia you have to be very careful especially with your blood pressure elevating “Preeclampsia can cause your blood pressure to rise and put you at risk of brain injury. It can impair kidney and liver function, and cause blood clotting problems, pulmonary edema (fluid on the lungs), seizures and, in severe forms or left untreated, maternal and infant death.” 

   So they admitted me that night, they didn’t want to mess around. My weight had also gone up 15lbs since my last weeks appointment from water retention.  So they were pretty worried. Then my blood work came back and my liver enzymes were really high. So they suggested I have the baby and get induced. Really the only way to cure preeclampsia is to actually have the baby. 

    I had prepared my whole pregnancy as doing it all natural. I had a whole birth plan to what I wanted exactly. But I knew I would keep an open mind, since this was my first birth and I had no clue what to expect. Sure enough they said if I waited to have this baby any longer they were scared of the risks. So they wanted to induce me. 

  They first used cervidil, which is a vaginal insert that is used to help prepare your cervix by relaxing and softening it for labor and delivery. They put one in for 12 hours. I could not pee for two hours while it was in, Incase it fell out. So they suggest you don’t drink any fluids. They put that in me at 7:30 pm that night. At my doctors appointment earlier that afternoon on Wednesday  I was dialated 1 cm. The  next morning at 7:30am on Thursday they said they would come back and take it out and check me again to see if it helped me dialate any. 


   I hadn’t felt any contractions yet during my pregnancy. But I started to feel some Wednesday night just here and there maybe every twenty minutes or so. They were just uncomfortable not awful more like period cramps. Trying to get a good nights sleep was annoying when I’d wake up to them. They did suggest giving me sleeping medicine but I wanted to try and do this without pain medication. Plus they suggested I take ambien, no thanks lol. I opted for a benidryl. 

   So morning came they took out my cervidil, I was 2 and a half centimeters dialated, so they said that was good. They were going to do another one, but my blood pressure was going up still and that concerned them. So they wanted something a little more kick starting and they started me on pitocin. Which every all natural birth plan and suggestions from other moms was don’t do pitocin natural. It speeds up and intensifies the contractions. Which it did just that they started me that morning on it right after the cervidil. I started to really feel everything with pitocin. I was so uncomfortable 😣.


   And since I had high blood pressure they wanted me off my feet as much as possible. Which my whole birth plan was stand and walk as much as possible and shower.  They wanted me lying down with my feet up in the air as much as possible. They did allow me to shower before things started to intensify and they put a bench in there that way my feet were off the ground. It felt amazing the water just hitting my belly. I could barely feel the contractions. And Taylor took a cup and was pouring warm water down my back which felt amazing. I didn’t want to get out it felt so good lol. 

   Then I went back to laying in the hospital bed & contraction reality hit. They put a monitor on which monitored baby’s heart rate and my contractions. I kept watching them peak and get closer. I was starting to get very uncomfortable.  The nurses kept asking me what my pain level was 1-10. At this point I was saying an 8. 

    I was starting to consider pain medication at this point to help me get through the contractions. They kept getting more intense so I was curious how much I had dialated from the last check. They said if they were going to check they would go ahead and break my water. That sounded painful and so I opted for an epidural.... not knowing I was 9cm! This was my first birth so they didn’t think I was far along. And I couldn’t tell if I was being dramatic to how bad the pain felt or not.

  I was wondering why I was in so much pain! I could of almost made it naturally. Shortly after the epidural I was already pushing. It happened so fast I had told them I felt pressure down there and they were like wow we can see his hair. I did about 5 minutes of practice pushing & then he came out 15 minutes or less. I had my husband Taylors mom holding my left leg, my mom holding my right and my husband Taylor holding my head up. 

   It was such a neat experience and bonding moment, being able to share that with both of our moms. It was a sweet moment. I asked for a mirror so I could see, which helped motavate me and let me know how close I was. It was one of the most amazing experiences, seeing my baby making his arrival into this world. 

    My midwife told me to hold on pushing but I knew he was almost out... and wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying but just saw my baby in the mirror. I pushed and he flew right out. Everything in that moment was not important, because I was finally holding my little Judah. I didn’t even know my placenta came out. I did tear a little and I didn’t even notice them stitching me. I had Judah up on my chest and that was all that mattered. I instantly fell in love, it was a crazy realization that he was mine and that Taylor and I gave him life through our love. 



   Like I said no pain mattered in that moment, I was star struck by my little cutie entering this world. When he was born he had a temperature and so did I. When he came out we immediately did skin to skin. It was crazy he came out looking for my boob, he instantly breastfeed. Taylor cut the cord and then was up helping me get him latched. His temperature went down in minutes. Mine took at least an hour and a antibiotic IV.  

   Since little man had a temperature at birth they wanted to do some blood work. Whch they couldn’t get a vain and kept poking my little guy:/ it took them an hour and help from other nurses. Poor Taylor, I sent him over, it was hard for both of us to watch. They finally got it and everything came back okay. We declined the vitamin k shot, Hep B shot at birth. We did get the eye medicine which I was going to decline but changed my mind. 

    Since I did have preeclampsia, they kept us another night, so total of three nights. To watch my blood pressure & swelling. My blood pressure kept going up and down. I was afraid they would keep us another night. Thankfully we got discharged and were able to spend our first night together as a family.