How to get a free breast pump!

 I recently got a free speCtra breast pump through Aeroflow Breast Pumps . Which is pretty freaking amazing if you didn’t know! You can actually get a pump through your insurance if you qualify! I highly recommend heading over to Aeroflow breast pumps & typing in your insurance policy number and see if you get approved for a pump covered by your insurance provider! You are allowed a free pump every three years through most insurance providers. Which I would of never of known if a friend didn’t suggest me looking at Aeroflow! 


  I got the speCtra S1plus And I LOVE it! It is a rechargeable battery which is one of my favorite parts about it! I am always on the go, so that feature definitely is why I picked this one.


   I have a clothing brand with my sister which is online & sometimes on wheels called Hippie Kids. Where we actually travel to festivals and do pop up shops out of our 1977 VW bus. Most of the time little man comes with me, but if he’s not you’ll catch me pumping in the back of the bus!



  This is the Bananafish Breast Pump Backpack from Aeroflow breast pumps in the Penelope color! Great for transporting my pump and has adjustable straps which is great for when hauling around my pump! Makes it so much easier having a bag ready to go with all my pumping supplies. So I love this bag and you need one in your life as well lol😜


Judah also loves this bag lol! 


Check out Aeroflow Breastpumps today ladies!