What To Pack In Your Hospital Bag


What I’m bringing to the hospital for my sons birth!

Car seat

🦋Birth plan🦋

-Diaper bag (which we got from littleunicorn.com) 🦄

-Pacifiers (I️ brought some that are for 0 months and so on. I️ brought three different kinds to see what he likes best).

-Outfit to go home in & hat since it will be January or February and Georgia weather is crazy!

-Hand mittens so he doesn’t scratch his face with his nails

-baby ointment

-Nb diapers

-swaddle by Theollieworld.com


For mom

Outfit to go home in- one that still is maternity because let’s be honest I️ will still look 6 months preganant! 

Dry shampoo 

Tooth brush

Hair brush


Bamboobies pads & nipple cream 🦄

Flip flops for the shower


Scrunchie/ hair tie

Heat pad - for back labor pains

Essential oil diffuser

  • peppermint for nausea
  • Lavender to relax


Head band 🦄

Water bottle & bendy straw

Coins for vending machine

Postpartum pads

Nursing bra


Snacks- protein bars 


ladies comment below anything you recommend me bringing or any tips!  

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