31 W E E K S


Today I️ am 31 weeks along. I️ feel like I️ am a lot further lol. I️ am starting to see the doctor every two weeks now. My last appointment they got onto me about my weight lol... I️ guess gaining 10lbs in two weeks is not too good! I️ started eating healthier and snacking on smaller quantities rather then just waiting until I’m starving. Then being so full I️ can’t walk hahaI️ did loose five pounds the last time I️ checked... but to be honest I️ probably gained it back lol. I️ love going for walks, it is so crazy how being pregnant affects me and my walks. I️ am out of breath quicker and I’m so much slower, but I’m trying to keep active so that I️ have an easier birth (if there is such a thing lol). 

    Also at my last appointment they said I️ am lacking iron. So I️ am trying to eat more foods with iron in it. I️ have been making more smoothies with spinach in them. I️ have been snacking on some almonds, because they have a decent source of Iron.  As far as how I️ feel I️ feel great! I️ am waking up early and getting things done. I️ am working on my business and preparing for this little guy to come! I️ have started putting together his nursery and his diaper bag. I️ am having a little too much preparing for him to come! I️ just can’t wait to hold him. 



I️ think Mumford’s ready for Judah to come too!  

I️ think Mumford’s ready for Judah to come too!  

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