I had my 16 weeks appointment today and this was the day we found out we were having a BOY! His name is Judah Taylor. I went into the doctors visit not really sure if I was going to find out or not. Of course I could of gotten blood work done a couple weeks before and found out that way. But I felt like seeing him up on the screen was so special especially him being our first child. I want to take in all the sweet moments.

  So any who I thought It was too early to tell what we were having so I told Taylor to skip this appointment. Then the doctor said well I think were going to try and see... So maybe call Taylor :o I called him as fast as I could I was so excited! He ran over from work lol. And sure enough the first thing we saw on the screen was his pee pee lol! We were so excited! And now I am supposedly getting a dirt bike track in the back yard lol... pray for me haha 

How did you find out? Comment below! 

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