September 23rd weekend I went on my Bachelorette Party at the beach down in Seaside. One of my favorite places to go. It was not the typical bachelorette party lol! There was lots of eating, since I am pregnant and can't drink duh lol. I was like I at least need to go somewhere with some fun activities. We biked one day, snorkeled the next and ate lots of crepes! My favorite Crepe place is Gypsea Crepes in panama city.

  I felt pretty good this trip as far as my pregnancy. I was worried about the sun and getting burnt or over heated. Because on saturday we went to Shell Island, so it doesn't have a bathroom or shade or shop to get a snack. Did I mention the boat comes every hour, so you can't just leave whenever lol. But I made sure to pack two huge waters and a sandwich and some snacks. I stayed in the water most of the time which I think that helped. As far as sunscreen I used coconut oil. Coconut Oil has an SPF of 4, which blocks 75% off UV radiation. 75% protection is about 45 minutes of sun exposure. I know some people think that sounds crazy for me to use coconut oil as a means to protect my skin, but I am not a fan of sunblock and some of the chemicals found in it. I like this article http://chirohealthrockford.com/coconut-oil-natural-suncreen/ Now if you have fair skin I'd say go with natural sunblock brands. 

   We spent 1-4 out there and I did great I didn't get burnt and I stayed hydrated and cooled off in the water. The temperature was in the high 80's and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I was nervous going into the trip thinking I would get over heated but It was perfect! 


What are your thoughts on sunblock during pregnancy? 

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